Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/3/11

  The Six of Coins. The Wheel of Fortune joined with the Six of Coins tells me that the energy will be about material items and money coming to you from unexpected places. We see that people will give today and in turn we will receive what we need...not what we want. Understand that when we go with the flow of energy we receive the essence of what is desired. If we want a new job then an opportunity to apply for a new one will open up. Maybe someone will be listening to you talk to a fried and advise that a company is hiring...this does not mean that you will receive that specific job, but it may open you up to the energy of getting a job that you would like in the field that you desire. We always seem to think that we know what is best for us, but really the Universe knows what is best for us. We have to give it up to Source and move forward with our day. If our inner being advises us that it is time to try something new, then go about your day with the intent to do something new. Be open to a new route to work. Be open to a new way of thinking. Be open to a new way of speaking. Understand that there are no boundaries in your life but the ones that you create. If you wish to create and give thought to a specific intent, then understand that you must let that process take place in any way, shape, and form.

  Success, Abundance, and Prosperity are a constant in my life.

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