Friday, August 19, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/19/11

  The Empress. Abundance. This is already our lesson card. It is repeating itself. So I will repost a past blog concering this card.

The Empress. A new lesson. From choices of a relationship to the abundance of love and hope. We see the Goddess Venus. Ruler of Love and Beauty. We see abundance. We see prosperity. We see a Queen. One who rules with love. One who governs joy and happiness. Are you allowing this joy and happiness to enter into your life? I look to my spirit guide for information. This is about birth. Rebirth of our spirit. Change and growth. Move forward within the process. Allow such great things to enter into your life. So many times we hold back such greatness from entering into our lives because we worry about the "How". Where will it come from? What will it be? How will it get here?

Look to the east today. Look to the Sun rising. Can you see your future? Can you see your path? Can you see your destiny forming and shaping its way into your life? Can you feel it coming? Can you feel it happening? Understand that everything is there. Everything you want and feel happy about is about to enter into your life. So sit back and enjoy.

   I allow the abundance and prosperity of joy and happiness to enter into my life.