Friday, August 26, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/26/11

  The Four of Wands. My spirit guide keeps talking about "Time". "The energy will be about time. Time and the effects it can have on our perception of people and love. Time can break through any barrier when coupled with Love. Time can be split into many parts and still come together at the end. It can be blended with many actions and consequences and still it moves forward. Even in the afterlife time is still relevant. It may be at a different rate and speed. It may move sideways and backwards and forwards but it still is relevant. Spend time with yourself and write about your life. Spend time with friends. Spend time with your higher self. Spend time with your spirit. How funny we use a word that can have a negative meaning. Spend.....let us make it positive. If you have it then give it away with no expectation of receiving it back. Understand that there is always more. Understand that you are not wasting it. Know that the time you are giving to others or to projects contain intent. You are wanting to spread love and joy, and in turn you are receiving the same time and love from others. "
Blessed Be. Thank you spirit guide.

  I trust and believe that the decisions I make today will lead me to great things.