Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/18/11

  The Hierophant.
This card speaks about tradition. Religion. Spiritual information. Blessings. How can I apply this to the energy of the day?
Well I would like to say that when I see this card it states to me that we will be returning to the past. We return home after a long journey. We return different. We return enlightened. We return home wiser than before. What we see here is that the past will come back into our present. It will contain a lesson that we did not learn. It will contain truth that we did not want to see. It will contain information that will lead us to our next destination. I can only relate this to love. We create and begin a relationship with someone who we find so wonderful and great. We look past their faults and find that the sun shines within their soul. We move forward within their existence. We live within them for a moment. Then for a reason that we do not comprehend, it ends. We move forward with intent to find love again. We look all around. We open up our heart and shine brighter than the sun. We come to love ourselves. We find out that everything we needed was there in front of us. We found the love within our soul and spirit. Now we return to the past by letting that new/old person back into our life. We dive into love again, but this time we are wiser. We learn to accept that love that is being given and in turn we understand that they can not take the love for ourselves away. Remember your personal power. Remember your energy.

Blessed Be.

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