Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/29/11

  The King of Coins.
This card has blessed us with its presence again this week. So what does it have to say to us? We seek answers from the elder of our tribe. The shaman. We seek to know why. We seek the truth. Be careful what you wish for. The elder may just as well tell us the truth. Is our heart open for it? Does it really want to hear what we need, instead of what we want? Does our desire follow our spiritual path? Please seek answers to your questions from those who you look up to. Understand that they can only give you advise based off their own experience. It does not mean that you are to take the information given and apply it fully to your life. You should take the information in, think about what it means to you, then apply it to your question. The answer is always within us. The answer is always knocking on our door. It is up to us on whether we want to let it in to cause wonderful change and destruction, or do we choose to stay in the dark and wonder why nothing is happening. Be patient and let the Divine lead the way.

Blessed Be.

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