Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/16/11

  The Queen of Swords.
Listen to this person. Fair in skin and also blond or light colored hair. This female spirit will contain wisdom and truth. They will give you all that they got and in turn they will lead you down a path of great change. Be open to their words. Understand that it may come off as harsh at first. They may cut right into you in the beginning, but you will see that they were just showing you their love. The Swords are about emotion and how we deal with them. This card is associated with the Key card "The Star".  This leads me to believe that they will be more than enough. They contain hope within them. This kind of energy or person will come into your life and really shake things up. They will leave you with all the tools necessary to keep moving forward on your journey. My advice to you would be to just shake your head as if in agreement with what they are saying. Then you can think it over and take what can be applied to your life in the present.

Blessed Be.

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