Monday, November 21, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/21/11

  Seven of Swords.
Is someone telling you lies? Are you telling yourself a lie?
Whichever the case, we must look past the illusion of the lies being told to us. Understand that they are just words. They are just statements. If you are seeking to hear a statement from another person than you will be disappointed. You must exist even if the words that come out of their mouth is not what you want to hear. You must move forward with your life, even if they choose to not tell you anything. You must live your life, even if the words are spoken out of kindness. They could tell you everything you want to hear in order to make you happy, but it would still be a lie. Come to terms with the fact that you create your reality. You wait for no one. Move forward with truth, instead of waiting for it to take place. Our footsteps contain balance and strength. Our words contain wisdom. As a light bringer, we speak only of truth in hope that others will listen and find their inner truth as well. As a light bringer, we speak only of that which stands in our way. We make a path and at the end we call it "Day". Dishonesty is just the presence of fear. Dishonesty is the excuse we give for others actions. Dishonesty is the product of being blind. We choose not to see the truth. We choose not to look.

Blessed Be.

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