Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/6/11

  The King of Swords.
I will combine the lesson card with the energy card. I see a time of faith. I see that we are dealing with the fairness associated with the Fifth Chakra. Communication and words being spoken in hope that we will be heard. In hope that we will be understood. In hope that we will be loved. You have regenerated your energy and called back your spirit from the past and future. You are trying to live in the moment. Now you are to speak of the thing you want most. What you desire most in your life. You explain to the Universe that you are ready for it to take place. You are willing to let it happen...if the Universe wishes it to be so. We surrendered our will over to the Divine and we are putting our Faith into the unknown. I say that today will be about Justice and Fairness. It will be about truth. Maybe you will be open to finally hearing it. Maybe you will be open to being loved. Maybe you will be ready for that gamble you made a while back to pay off. And if you let it happen...then it will surely bring you great happiness. Know that you have all the tools and items needed to cut through the lies and expectations that dwell in the shadows. That dwell in your shadow.

Blessed Be.

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