Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/15/11

  The Seven of Cups.
We are caught in the lesson of Tradition. What we believe to be true and what we do to comfort us in times of trouble. So, we go from a feeling of leaving something behind to a place of choices. We move into our dream world and see that there is so much to choose from. We wake up and return to reality, only to find out that we also have so many things to choose from. What path should I take? Where should I go?
These questions fill your mind. You look for guidance. Well here it is:
   "No matter what path you take, or where you decide to go, you will be taken to your soul's destination."
Focus on one dream and give it all you got. Put all your energy into this dream and make it real. It is time for you to shine.

Blessed Be.

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