Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/19/11

  The Hermit.
The energy will be about the lessons we have learned and the path we are walking. The Hermit is seen as a loner. He keeps to himself. He hides in a cave with a lantern to shine the way. Eventually he understands that it is time to leave the cave and venture out into the open. It is time to become the teacher. To shine light on other people's spiritual journey. The Hermit has learned so much and contains so much knowledge that he is ready to share his experience. What will the cards hold for the next day? Are we ready to aid others on their journey without the influence of our Ego? Yes we are ready. Now it is time to step back and look at each incident symbolically. Now it is time to shine our light and become the Beacon of hope for others. It is time to just exist, and through that existence others will find their way.

Blessed Be.


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  2. Well I hope they aid you on your spiritual journey my friend.