Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/29/11

  The Eight of Wands.
This card usually talks about life moving at a fast rate. Things and ideas will be coming into you life and it may seem overwhelming. I always associate this card with a tornado. It begins out of thin air, moves with a cause of destruction, hits certain spots along its path, and then disappears. This is how the day will be. People and places may do the same thing to you. They will enter into your life, stir the pot, give you a few choice words of advice, and leave you processing it all. Take it as a blessing. Understand that destruction is needed in order for change to take place. Know that you will come out of this okay. We always do.
Know that you are moving forward into the plan of the Divine. Let it all take place and sit at the center of the storm. Accept what the Divine has to give you and know that it is needed.

Blessed Be.

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