Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/14/12

  The Four of Wands.
Foundation. Celebration. This card can mean a lot of things. What I feel and see is a safe haven. The harbor. It is time for your ship to come in and for you to rest for a while. It is time to put up your tent and sleep. You have been traveling for some time now. You have been walking towards your goal. Now it is time to rest and be ready for when you reach your destination. You do not want to reach it tired and sick. You want to be able to dance and participate in the fun and joy. You want to be ready to mingle and talk to those that will be around you. The Divine does not want to wear you out and have you sleep through the celebration of your arrival. Be ready. Rest now at the midpoint of your trip and be ready to dance. Save up all your energy for the moment that you shake the monkey off your back. For the moment that you push through the sludge in your life. For the moment you see a sunrise instead of a sunset.

Blessed Be.

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