Friday, January 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/27/12

  The Seven of Cups.
The past few days have been very hard. I find myself not wanting to write about the card of the day. I try to grasp the meaning of each card. Where the spirits are guiding all of us and what we should be focusing our attention on. My spirit calls for change. Change that can be seen. Change to pick us up and shake everything around. To leave only things that are needed. To let go of those dusty dolls and old pictures of memories that burn and cause pain. So here it is. Here is the dream. Here is the window of opportunity. This card speaks of a focusing of energy into one thought form. To focus so much and give all you have to one intent. This dream can become reality. Pay attention to last nights dream. Think about it and try to figure out what it means. Take that dream and let it take you down the river of love. To be born into the light of a new dawn. To be born.

Blessed Be.

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