Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/29/12

  The Hermit.
Look within for the answers you seek. If your spirit guides are advising you to wait...then wait. If they are advising you to move...then move. If they are advising you to change in order to heal...well then please take their advise and change.
What we do not see here is that when we go inward and keep to ourselves, we are trying to cope with the change that is happening all around us. We need to understand that even though the sea may be calm, there may be more happening underneath the surface. The Hermit is a reminder that sometimes we must acknowledge that spirit within us. We must move forward with the power of our own energy. Others can aid us but really they can not make the choices that are needed to create the change in our life. The other side of the Hermit is the teacher part. Once you figure out what the change is and how to deal with it, you can embark on your journey and lead by example. This does not mean that you can judge others. It means that you can become part of their experience and aid them on their journey by simply being a healthy being of light.

Blessed Be.

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