Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/3/12

  The Five of Swords.
I can sense this great change taking place all around me. I can sense the Divine shifting the movement of the water in another direction. Now is the time to let go. Now is the time to start my journey of hope. Now is the time to release all the chains around me and move forward into the light. Yesterday we experienced a "bored state" on our spiritual journey. I experienced it. I looked up at the sky and saw only hope. I wanted to run. I wanted to drive away. I wanted to start this new path in life. The only thing holding me back is my Ego. I wish to hold on to things. I wish to keep stepping on the same crack in the same way every morning, so that I can ensure that something new will happen. How can something new happen if you do not deviate from your path?
How can something new take place if you do not leave your comfort zone? How can you begin to find love if you do not go out there and experience it?
This is what I am faced with on this journey. I want to take a new step, but find myself tumbling backwards towards the familiar. I see this as defeat. The card of the day is about the word "defeat". What does it really mean?
I see defeat as a resting period. I see it as a lesson. Is there really a loser and a winner?
When there is a competition to be the one is really a winner. You only get the person who is able and willing to sacrifice items and things in order to get ahead. Now how far they get ahead is up to them. Defeat is the few seconds that linger around before something wonderful happens. When you make your decision and you start to second guess it, but you already are knee deep within the process and can not turn back. This is defeat. So you have two either sit the fuck down and shut up or get up and move. Speak out! Cry! Jump! Do something. Look into the sunrise and wonder what the day will bring instead of looking down at the sunset and wishing that day would never end. You may lay your sword down for a moment, but who is to say that you are not planning your next strike.

Blessed Be.

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