Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/8/12

  The Knight of Cups.
The Pisces. The Mystic.
We move forward with our plans. We have crossed the river of inspiration and our Higher Self has lead us to a new path. Now we make our choice. Always remember that we have to believe in the unseen in order to move forward in this reality. We have to believe that all things work out in our favor. They really do. If you make a choice that is in true alignment with the Divine, then great things will take place. Choose your path and be prepared for what is to come. Are you afraid of greatness? Are you afraid of letting things go? Are you afraid of falling?
Remember that even in the presence of what may seem like failure, there is truth. And truth contains knowledge. That knowledge can be used to harness your full potential, if wisdom is applied. Move with the intent that all roads lead home. Move with the intent that you will be welcomed back home. Every piece of you. Every ounce. Know that your tribe is waiting for you to arrive. To celebrate the reunion. For you have returned to what was once known. You have returned to the center of your heart chakra. You have returned to love.

Blessed Be.

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