Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/23/12

  The Hanged Man.
We take that leap of faith into the unknown again. We move into something wonderful, but what could it be?
We understand that the Divine will take care of us, but we are still scared. It is the human side that says we should wait for the right moment. What does the right moment look like? No one knows. The right moment is a feeling you get when your spirit has had enough of your worry. The spirit then proceeds to push you into the new level of being. It pushes you, not nudges you, to your next destination because your body has tried to stop you for long enough. Now the Divine has broken down your door and dragged you out into the light. You have two choices now; to make the leap yourself and create the change, or have the Divine do it for you while you kick and scream the whole way there.

Blessed Be.

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