Friday, February 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/25/12

  The Hanged Man.
We turn to a time of Faith. What is Faith to you? How much of it do you have?
Are you willing to give up everything in order to receive great things from the Divine. The Hanged man sometimes can mean a suspension in time. To stop. To hang upside down until everything that has been weighing you down falls to the ground. Even small things that you think you need throughout the day can weigh you down. We must learn to let go of these items, of these people, of the places that we think have meaning in our lives. Let it all go and let the Divine take over. The Book of Shadow Tarot Deck shows a man hanging himself from his light fixture. This is a dark representation of the Hanged man, but one thing is true. He is making a choice to move to the spirit world in order to find answers. He is willing to have faith that everything will turn out okay. He is willing to jump with the knowledge that all things work out for the greater good, even if it means giving up his physical body. This does not mean literal death and suicide, but a death of our shadow side. We are getting rid of the very vessel that keeps us from connecting with our spirit self.

Blessed Be.

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