Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/27/12

   The Six of Cups.
This is about memories. With the Major Arcana Card The Sun, I am looking at a time of reflection. We see happiness in the memories of our past. We look to those things that made us happy and we can either choose to live within that past or move forward with the knowledge that we are stronger now. That we have grown up. That we are moving on and becoming a wonderful being of light. The Six of Cups is about our childhood dreams. Why is it that we were invincible when we were small? No one could bring us down. If we wanted something so much and put our mind to it, then it would be created. We understood that anything was possible and that there was a choice between light and dark. We wished for peace within our hearts and we found it within our creative minds. Now it is sometimes stifled by the mist and dew of our shadow side. Now we are bogged down by what we call life, but really it is only our imagination without clarity. This reality is a construction of our thoughts tied down to what is known as our Ego. Let loose our love and light that was bottled up and put on a shelf long ago when we found out that Santa Claus didn't exist within the grown up world, when love was only meant for those who were good, or when the wind could talk to us and we heard voices from our past leading us into the future. Move forward with that same joy and love of the archetype known as "The Child".

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