Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 3/11/12

  The Ten of Swords.
Well I guess the Divine wanted me to really think about what this card means. So the swords are related to the body. Our health and where we are struggling. If this card turned up in a Chakra spread, then I would have to associate this with a health issue. So let us apply it to our health. This is an ending of a system of things and a beginning of something new. Temperance is still our lesson card and it speaks about a time of healing. This card is telling me that the pain and hurt is going to come to an end. An answer will be given. The truth shall come out and we shall be reborn. It may seem like the bottom. It may seem like the end with no hope. Always look up. Look up toward the sky and figure things out. This is just a body. It is just physical pain. You are strong and can move past this. You must be the one to turn it around. You must be the one to make things happen.

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