Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 3/14/12

  The Devil.
We now come to the lesson of our Ego. The only thing I can say about this card, and since we may see it for a while, is that this is the wall that holds us back. This is the boulder that we must find a way around. This is the stop sign in the middle of the road. Our fight is always with our Ego. Sometimes it is the fact that we want to be wanted. We want to be wanted by someone who does not want us. This is our Ego. We want to move forward without putting in the hard work, and complain that nothing is happening. This is our Ego. We choose to stop existing, because we feel that we are not noticed by another that really has no reason to notice us. This is our Ego. Desire is our Ego. Want is our Ego. We must move forward with our love. We must move forward with the plan of the Divine known as Destiny. We must look into the sunset and realize that the sun is has been rising all this time. For in order to have a sunset you must first have a sunrise.

Blessed Be.

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