Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 3/26/12

Well this card could mean a lot of things. Silence is not speaking. Silence is the beginning of listening. This card is associated with "The Star", and this is about hope. But let us look closer. For this new Tarot Deck requires me to go inside and understand. Hope is the wish that things work out okay. Faith is the action that makes it so. Is Hope the beginning?
Hope is just part of the process. Hope is the beginning of thought when looking inside for the answer. The Divine is within us, so our answers shall lay within as well. Remember that the Divine is perfect and there is only one thought. That one thought is within you. And It is perfect. Start at the beginning and walk yourself through the confusion and assure yourself that every answer is perfect. The real work lies within your Faith. Stay silent. Stay focused.

Blessed Be.

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