Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 3/5/12

  The Queen of Swords.
The Libra. The Lover. She can cut through any obstacle with her double edged sword. But what we see here is that she is fair in her dealings. She understands that the Truth can hurt. The Truth can also set you free. Her words are worth listening to. You must be cautious of what comes out of your mouth on this day. You must understand that the Divine is in everything and everyone. Be like the Queen who sits with a smile on her face when she takes in all the information that is being given to her. Know that the shadow side of the Queen of Swords can also come out to play. She can be very hurtful and at times cause trouble when it is not needed. Confusion is in her bag of tricks and can sometimes only tell you part of the truth.

Blessed Be.

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