Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 4/4/12

  The Eight of Water.
Water deals with emotions. Water deals with our love and need for things within our life. Water is the second stage of creation. Water is about a choice. What color would you like your item to be, and how big or small is it?
We are still in a moment of Silence. So I shall apply this card to our Lesson card. Without words being spoken, you can let go and forgive. Really forgiveness is the act of releasing the chains you have put on yourself. You are allowing that process of healing to take place. You are recognizing you are worthy of all the good and greatness of the Divine. You are love. See what Letting go can do. It can propel you into something so wonderful...but we choose to stay in one spot. We choose to not take a chance. We choose to stand on a piece of land, out in the ocean, and cry out for help. Help is always there. The Divine is always there. Did it not occur to you that maybe if you stepped off the piece of land, you would come to find out that the water is only three feet deep. If you stopped and listened...or just not worry and would find out that an island is to the left of you. There is Help there. So what are you waiting for? Step off your little piece of land and see if the water is really three feet deep. I dare you...
I dare you to be Joy, love, peace, and living the Good life. I dare you...

Blessed Be.

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