Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 4/8/12

  The Emperor.
The deck I am using is "The Psychic Tarot". I enjoy this deck very much. I bought it because of the descriptive word and the pictures. I am able to pull from my intuition and receive information from the subjective mind. So I picked "Authority". This is the Emperor card. Number 4. Four is rest. Understand that you contain the Divine within you and you are being directed in every way toward that Good life that you are to live. Stand firm on the foundation of love, joy, and peace. These are your building blocks. Show others that you can not be moved. Start that flow of energy, which is limitless, and bring balance into your life. This is the manifestation of things in your environment. I must say that in order to receive you must give. Open up your heart chakra and trust. Trust those who come to you, for you are protected by the Divine. Only good can enter into your environment, because you have made it so.

Blessed Be.

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