Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 5/7/12 to 5/13/12

    There is only one Major Arcana in this Tarot Spread. It is "Light" or also known as "The Sun". What does this tell me?
Well, the past few weeks have been about change, and what that change may or may not bring. Now we focus on the goal that we have set before us. We can see that all things shall work out in our favor during this week. Remember how I advised you to take chances last week, regarding work, school, life, money. Now you will see the rewards that come with that chance.
    I turn to the Divine and ask for guidance. What can I relate this weeks entry to?

    The Divine or Source is advising me that this card is related to our light within. I contain such a great light that shines in any condition, it never can be extinguished, but it can be dimmed. The only person who can dim the light within, is me.
(Remember when I use the word "I", I am referring to everyone, for we are all connected.)
The "Light" card, in other Tarot Decks, is also known as "The Sun", so I would rather tell you a story about this card. Here goes the creative side of my character:

   "Tabetha, who is a light bringer, has lost her way in this thing called "Life". She stumbles more than the other light bringers. She nicks her toes on the soft Earth, because she has not come to the realization that she is the Light and the Light is within her. She thinks that the light is somewhere else, within the sky, too far to reach with her mortal hands.
    Tabetha moves quickly from one person to person, shinning her light, bringing Truth to her experience, and having to let go when she wants to hold on. She only wants to be loved like the rest of the human race. She only wants to find her counter part on this spiritual path. She asks for guidance in everything that she does. She understands that there are no obstacles set before her, there are only circumstances. Tabetha moves forward with every stumble and fall, looking and searching for the light around her. This brings us to the small predicament that is set before her. She is lost within the woods, that are dark and dim. She walks with Faith, but at times the dark is greater than her light. Tabetha sits and cries to Source for knowledge and aid. She thinks to herself that she is not worthy of light and love, because she has traveled too far into the dark. Then a spark is formed within her grief, she starts to glow, and within that glowing a light is formed. She looks up and wonders if the Divine has heard her, and answered her prayer, but nothing is found. The light is coming from within her. She stops crying and listens to the voice that is soft and small:
           "Do you not know that you are worthy? Do you not know how much you are loved? Do you not know that you are the light?"

    Tabetha looks up in joy, not in search, and understands that she is the Light. The Light is not above her nor away from her on her journey. The Light is within her and always shinning, leading her in the right direction. Tabetha sets forth on her journey, and finds out that it was a short one to begin with. Her path was two steps in front of her and the darkness is gone."

     The week will bring such greatness, such joy, such love. You simply have to accept and recognize the Good within life. It can be hard at times when I am going through what I like to call "Going through the sludge". There is this thin layer of grief and pain that needs to be broken through in order to get to your joy and happiness. During this time I get really tired and also very snippy with people, because I am going through a change. I want to give up and simply lay down on the street, letting time pass me by. I look within for guidance and find that I am strong enough to move forward. This is where I find my self worth. This is where I tell my Ego to "Take a hike". I understand that this week will bring such joy and happiness, and I am worthy of that greatness. I am worthy!

Monday: 3 of Coins
    This is about finishing a project and having the recognition that goes along with this completion.

Tuesday: 2 of Wands
    Business. What is next? This is about finding the answer before I move forward with my desire.
Wednesday: 6 of Cups
    The past shall return but will be of great joy
Thursday: 3 of Cups
    This celebration of love may be about someone or something finding form or completion. A new thought.
Friday: 8 of Coins
    This is my last day of work. I see the ending within the Universe and my leaving in order to search for my new skill.
Saturday: 8 of Swords
    What comes with a new beginning? Fear of the unknown. I must have Faith that all shall take place.
Sunday: Light 19
    A major Arcana card. The sun representing luck and prosperity. Combined with great wisdom or spiritual direction.

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