Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 652012.1

Yesterday was about a person, place, or thing that needed attention. This attention brought us to a place
of healing. That healing advised us that we are worthy of all the greatness within our life.
If you did not receive this healing, then take a look at the actions and experiences that took place
yesterday. Really analyze them with an open heart, and understand that your Ego was trying to
bring you down and advise you to "Not Exist". Remember that the person, place, or thing did not need to mention this to you. The worry, doubt, and fear of things is an emotion tied to the Ego. This is where the healing begins. You realize it as your Ego. Take any information in that the Ego has to give, and understand that no matter what you still exist and you are worthy.

Again we see the Devil or Ego come up behind the scenes. It may not be a person, place, or thing. It may be our own inner battles that will break down our fear of the unknown. The Tower card is the destruction of who we are. Our morals, thoughts, and actions are part of the tower. I always talk about the destruction of our life, the fall to the ground, and the aftermath of that destruction. We learn to pick up the pieces that matter the most and build our house of love with a new foundation. This is where that new beginning starts. It always starts with our thoughts. Even the process of manifestation begins with inspiration. It comes from the Divine. So you may find yourself struggling with the Truth and what needs to be done. The decision needs to be made. So, make it with the knowledge that everything will be okay.

If you think that nothing is taking place within your life, if you think that there is no light within
the dark forest, then look to your left. Hell! Look to your right. Look sideways and upside down. The path you are walking must not be looked at with narrow eyes. There are other paths along the way that you could take, secret paths that lead you to unknown gardens and houses. This day brings Hope and Rebirth. We have been defeated, now it is time to get up, dust ourselves off, and take that first step into greatness. It is only a few inches away, but we are choosing to look only in one direction. Now is the time to look up at the North Star and be guided home. Do you miss home? Home is security and safe harbor. Remember how we have been working on taking our home with us, so that
when rough times happen, that place of security is with us, advising us that everything will be okay. I see good news taking place on Friday. Push through to the other side and be prepared to work on the person that you are. Thursday will bring about that new path that must be taken. The real question is "Are  you ready to take it?"

You are a great person who can self sabotage your dreams and hopes, better than any other person within your life can, and we do this everyday. So, when the path looks unclear, remember that your Ego will try to tell you that you will get lost and die. Here is where Faith comes in handy. You can advise your Ego that you are grateful for its input, but you know that the Divine only wants to see you succeed, and take your first step into the dark side of your soul.

Our journey is starting to show us just how wonderful we really are. Look at how strong we can be, in a time of danger. Look how far we have traveled and still we are walking, moving, and loving. You are alive. So, take advantage of that strength. Learn how to see things with your Third Eye Chakra. Open up your insight and intuition and move forward into the unknown with pure happiness. Content with whatever may come your way. Whether it is small or big, be happy that you are able to choose which direction YOU want to go in. Be advised that today will bring about the feeling that "Every step you take is within alignment of that Divine plan"

Final Notes:
The Spirits are advising us that the world keeps turning, even if we choose to not exist. We must understand that things are taking place behind the scenes. We may not see that change happening, but it is moving forward with every step we take. That change will eventually make itself known and we will see the product of our labor. Look towards the Sun, even if the sun is no where to be found, look up and understand that the light is within you. It burns bright with every heartbeat. You shine with great intent. 

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