Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 6112012-6172012

First Impressions:
    There are a lot of people in this spread. So much male energy, but it is energy that we can use to our advantage. This will show us what we are lacking or what we are abusing at this time. I decided to return to my very first deck that I received from a beloved teacher. This deck has been speaking to me when I work with a new spread.
    Our wish will be granted this week. We shall find out just how strong we really are. Last week showed promise of the future, and also it was about the cultivation of what is needed. This week brings about the manifestation of what we need and desire, also who can aid us on our journey.

Major Arcana:
    There is only one Major Arcana card and that is "The Star". This card speaks to me about hope and also about faith. We enter into the water to make a change. We enter into the water in order to understand that we are part of the whole. There is no separation from Source. I know that when I make the decision to recognize this, then great things will be observed. We are constantly receiving the aid and also items that are needed in our life. This card simply implies that we must return to the lake of intuition and understanding, in order to move forward. We must leave behind our old self and venture into the unknown. This week we shed one aspect of our life and die. We take on a new form of light and love, so that we can understand just how worthy we are of great things.

Minor Arcana:
    Well, here is where we see so much male energy running through our life. Actually running through my life. I am to acknowledge this energy and also take on the characteristics of the court cards. A warrior, an overseer, and the elder leader come into play. These are archetypes that we see in every movie, show, or play. I can only relate this to a show that I love and wish that it was still on T.V.
    It is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The warrior or King of Wands takes on the form of Buffy. She understands that she is the chosen one, as we all are, and she must deal with the evil in the world alone. Well, she thinks she must deal with it alone, but there are others around her to balance her out. Buffy sometimes forgets about her friends and what they can do to give her that advantage over her enemy. The warrior thinks that they must do everything with Brute Force, but later in the seasons she finds out that we are all connected and we all play a wonderful part in the battle of life.
    The Overseer, or Knight of Coins, would be Xander. He has no special power within the Scooby Gang, but he has heart and courage on his side. When things get really rough, Xander would step in and apply his humanity to the mystical bunch. He is applied to the overseer, because in the end he sacrifices so much that they look to him as the manager of tasks. He does remember some tactical information from the episode where his body was taken over by a soldier costume, during a Halloween party. So battle plans were part of Xander's gift within the group.
   The Elder Leader would have to be Giles, of course. He is the Watcher of Buffy and was there in the beginning. Now, Giles can be of great assistance to the group as far as information and knowledge. He is like the Father figure and at times advises those around him of the dire circumstances at hand. I apply the Elder Leader to Giles, because he is the one who is not afraid to get his hands dirty concerning his morals, where as the rest of the group is more of innocence and justice. Giles does have a dark side. In one episode he is upset that Willow brought back Buffy from the dead, and calls her a "rank amateur witch". Willow understands that he was upset, because she could have upset the delicate balance of Good and Evil. Giles is a human encyclopedia and this can lead him down a path of the Ego. He gets a little to big for his britches and sometimes can push others in the wrong direction, than the right one.
   Once thing I would like to mention, is that we know of these people and their influence within our life. We will either meet them on that day or come in contact with that energy. Also we shall receive our wish and move forward with our life. Understand that we move at the speed of love and that every step we take is within that Divine plan. There are no mistakes, just lessons. We may stumble on our journey, but with the aid of our friends, family, and strangers, we get back up and acknowledge our light.

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