Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/15/2012

7/15/2012 Sunday:

I learn something new everyday. Every time I begin a new journey, I learn to let things come as they are. When I take a new route on my path, I learn that the stumble before hand can be something great.
As I come to the end of my journey, I learn that saying Good-bye could be the greatest gift you can give to others.

I can not say that I have learned everything within this life. That I am completely done with my journey. I think all Mystics are on this search to understand, and when they think they have it down pact, Source gives them just a bit more information to ponder.
I use to think that Source was found outside of me. That you had to go through a teacher to understand what Source was. That magick was only in certain people, and could only be put there by a special shaman.
I didn't understand that we all contain power within us. Sometimes that power comes in a certain form and gift. It is up to us to use it, know it, and understand the potential of it. Today is about that potential.
What is your potential?
You set the bar.
You can also overcome it.

My gift is the ability to care and love with no limits. To aid those on their journey. To be the bridge that connects experiences together. It took me a long time to accept this gift. I use to try to run away from it. I didn't want to be the bridge. To sit between things and connect. I wanted to be the path, or the tree that sits before the bridge. I wanted to be the river set beneath it.
What I have come to find out is at some point in time we are everything. I am the bridge on a Tuesday, but change into the tree for Friday, or a river on Saturday. No matter what, I return to what I know best:

Everything else that I learn will add to this ability. The other gifts I receive will be an aid to my ability. I learn to manipulate the energy around me and push it towards greatness. For energy has no label. It does not contain a bias thought within it. We ask and put our thought out into the unknown, it in turn manifests with the energy around it, changing that energy as it moves along.
The journey may seem cold. It may be blistering hot, but one thing is for is your path.
If there is no water, create it.
If there is no wind, create it.
So simple, but yet I know my Ego can make it so hard.

Blessed Be.

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