Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/3/2012

7/3/2012 Tuesday:

I am confused with the card I picked for today. It is a card that can have a negative meaning associated with its symbols and such. The Seven of Swords has many key words associated with it, but to me it means Dishonesty. This is the liar's card.

This is about deception. The Devil card comes up as the hidden energy card. The Devil is about temptation of things that can cause destruction in your life.

Are there people who you associate with a negative experience in your life? Is there someone who you turn to that leads you down a path of Ego? They will show their face again, and you will be challenged.
What do you want?
I always ask this question. I do this because sometimes we do not know what we want, yet we move forward with an intent to understand. Remember your self worth today.

You are a great person. You control the environment around you. Anyone can try to deceive you, but you know better. The voice within you will advise you that something is not right.
Try not to go off course today, or rather if you do decide to go off course, understand what can take place.

Remember that the Truth always comes out. That you can not lie to yourself and get away with it. People will find out if you keep stating to yourself that what you did is a secret. This card could be associated with an affair, for you are trying to take something away with deception on your mind.

I have to apply this to my life. This card is represented by those who I love, but that cause destruction in my life. They like to enter into my life when things are going so great, to test me, and see if I am really strong enough.

I understand now that I am a Force, and I can move forward when I choose to do so. I am choosing life and also I am understanding that "I am worthy".
I exist!
So, why would I want to return to that past? Why would I want to let someone else dictate the level of love and commitment in my life?
Why would I settle for only half of a person to love me?

Today, you must try to understand that when a person is trying to deceive you, they are only doing this out of fear. When you try to deceive another, you are doing this out of fear as well. You are afraid of what could take place.
What do you think will take place if you told them the truth?
They could leave. They could tell you to "Fuck off".
They will try to hurt you.

They could do all of this, but one thing is for sure, YOU STILL EXIST!

They can not stop you from existing within this life.
We must confront our temptation to be drawn into another person's gravity, that will cause us to crash and collide into other planets.

Blessed Be.

I started to write in my journal, regarding the Seven of Swords, and what it could mean within my life.
I decided to share a bit of information with my you.
This card is about lies we tell our self. How we try to deceive our soul.
I can apply a lie to the structure of a cake.
The cake is beautiful on the outside. Made with so much frosting and such wonderful design. You can not state the words "It tastes so great", unless you bite into the cake.
The outside of the cake is the lie. So yummy and appealing to you.

You have built up this wonderful lie, and you imagine how wonderful the cake must taste.
You take a bite and come to find out it was not what you expected. Do you spit it out? Do you swallow the Truth?
For the fact that it is not what you expected, is the Truth. It is very hard to swallow.
As I have stated before, you can not lie to your spirit. We all know when the lie is being constructed. We all know when the lie is starting to take form. So why do we keep on moving with the construction of that lie?

Remember to swallow the Truth. It is not bad for you. It may be uncomfortable at first. You may not like the taste of it, but the experience that comes after it will benefit you in so many ways.
You will be cautious of what cake you decide to eat and taste next time.

Blessed Be.

The questions kept coming. I needed to ask and see what is out there. To understand that one path may not be the correct one at the moment, but we do not have to lie in order to get what is wanted.
The lie is always the start of that destruction. So, if you are willing to fall to the ground and get a little dirty, then return to that state of Deception, but understand that there is a circumstance that is attached to that action.

Blessed Be.

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