Friday, July 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/7/2012

7/7/2012 Saturday:

How do you measure the level of your happiness?
Do you let others dictate it?

I always advise, those who are in my tribe, that no one dictates the level of your happiness. No one has control over your environment, but you.
Why do we let others take control over our life?
We give up our control, without knowing it, many times throughout the day. Having control over something is not bad, if it is applied to your life only. We must be in control of what is happening within our life. We must take control of situations that enter into our environment. If we do not, then that is when undesired actions take place.

The Judgement card comes up today. Coupled with the hidden energy card, The Sun, we find that something wonderful will be taking place today. Maybe a wonderful surprise.
Maybe you will see your ability to manifest take effect.
Who knows.

Actually, we know. We create everything that is in our environment. We are co-creators with the almighty creator.
My eyes shall be opened today. All things will work out in my favor. I will move forward with that Divine plan. I am living the good life, right now.
Funny how the cards are talking about spiritual knowledge, and the date is about the number seven. Seven deals with spiritual matters.
Today will contain such great knowledge and enlightenment. Things will make sense and we shall understand. The big question here is, "Are we ready to understand?"

Blessed Be.

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