Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/19/2012

7/19/2012 Thursday:

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with spiritual matters. We receive information through our Crown Chakra and the Third Eye is kinda like the filter. All information that is needed is processed through this Channel. I can see what is not seen. I can hear what is not heard. The Third Eye must be open and ready to receive, in order to move forward with your spiritual awakening. What new adventure lays before me?
The Fool speaks to me about leading with my heart.
Sometimes the Fool can jump into the great unknown with no warning.
The Fool only understands that there is a road to be taken. They do not know what is ahead, but his heart states to him that it is something wonderful. So he leaps.
What I notice about this card, is that he leaps with his head held high. He carries only what is needed. The thoughts of love and understanding. He listens to his spirit guide when they advise to take a left, or to get up and go.
The Fool is guided by Source. He may question the change within his life, but he eventually moves forward with the flow of energy.
This is what the day will bring. Such great change within our spirit. That change will be new to us. We will remember what we have lost. We will return to what was taken from us. Such small moments in the past. Now you have the ability to correct the actions and circumstances set before you by cultivating love and faith within this very moment. Take the time to breathe and understand that this moment is perfect...just like you are perfect.

Blessed Be.


8:52 p.m.

Did I receive information?
I received information for a client of mine. I spoke to my spirit guide and she advised me of the choices I am to make.
I worked on a project at work where information was needed in order to move forward.
The Third Eye Chakra does more for us than we think. It allows us to proceed further with our dreams and who we wish to be.
I have not received information on the decision yet. I only know the truth and it can sometimes leave you feeling lost within the shuffle of information that enters into our life. Words can contain hidden messages. Words can sometimes just be words. They mean nothing unless there is action behind them, but I must always remember that sometimes the action is happening in the background. Unseen by the naked eye. Unseen by our imagination, but it still exists.
I exist.

Blessed Be.

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