Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/19/2012: Wisdom and Wisdom

8/19/2012 Sunday:

What does it mean when it is double Major Arcana cards that show up for the day? Well it means that we should pay attention.
What does it mean when it is the same card for both the Hidden energy card and the Card of the day?
Well it means that I should really think about the meaning of this in my life.

Wisdom is the action that happens when knowledge is applied.
Wisdom is the understanding of the circumstance that is attached to your choice, and making it regardless of the outcome, for one knows that all will work out in the end.

I make a choice with clarity, because I feel and know that the choice I have made is the right one.
Really any choice one makes is right, one simply has to find the good within the circumstance that takes place.
I know that I can struggle with a choice, because it can contain many options and outcomes. I know that it is the fact that I do not want to hurt others with my choice, but really everyone is effected by what I do. We are all connected and it is not up to me to make them understand, but to lead by example.
They will view it as; if he can do it, well so can I.
Remember you are either the trail maker or the person who walks the trail laid before you.
I am usually the Trail maker and it can be a lonely walk, but sometimes in certain circumstances you get a companion. This person not only holds the branches back as you explore, but they can also see things that you may have missed.
The path may look like there are many choices to take, but remember that it leads to one destination.
That destination is home.
Everything leads to home. So make a choice. Take the chance.

Blessed Be.

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