Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/2/2012: Sacrafice and Disruption

9/2/2012 Sunday:

The Tower card showed up twice, as the hidden energy card, this week. 
What does this tell me?
That there is a lesson of breakdown and destruction that must be learned.

Disruption and destruction are one in the same.
I know that I am disrupted when I begin to think in the negative about the situation at hand.
I am not in alignment with my divine plan, when I begin to have doubt.
Doubt about the future.
Doubt about what may come.

But with every life, there is a struggle.
If there was no struggle, we would not know just how strong we are.
Why do you think it is called Labor.
If Birth was easy, then it would not be painful.
To give life to an idea takes energy. It also has to go through the process of being born.

Where am I going with all of this?....

Change happens within our life, even if we choose not to do it.
Change can be painful.
It can be pleasant.
It also can be disruptive.
I know that when change comes a knocking on my door, I am more than willing to let it in, take me by the hand, and lead me into the next phase of my life.
Some, hear change knocking, and ignore the subtle whisper of it.
They sit and hide within their home, thinking that if they ignore change long enough, it will eventually go away.
Change can also be very persistent.
It will eventually break down your door, grab  you by the hair, and drag you out of the present state you are in, kicking and screaming the whole way, until you are at your next phase of life.

What will you choose when change comes to your door?
To let it in with welcome arms or try to ignore it?

Blessed Be.

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