Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/30/2012: Truth and Hope

9/30/2012 Sunday:

Dear Brittany,

  How are things going? In this lifetime there are small miracles that create truth within your life. Are you ready for the truth to be revealed?
It can sometimes be hidden within the scars around our heart. It swims with our love, that flows like a river, in our body. At times the miracle can move into our reality. We acknowledge it, with great expectation, and then dismiss it in the sunset light, at the end of our day.
Why do we dismiss it?
The miracle is small and tiny. It hardly sparkles within the shadow of our life. It only glimmers at times when we are blind and lost. The miracle is faint in manner, but great in spirit.
What we do not see is the process of the miracle. Did you know that there is great energy behind the miracle? How many hands had a play within the happening of that miracle. The stone had to be set in the middle of the road by someone or something. The person driving the truck had to sway at the right instance and propel the rock in motion. A driver in a car had to have their windshield cracked in order for them to meet a man who could fix it. The man who could fix it, had to feed his family, and in turn that humbleness leads to the giving of what little he has to the family that can not afford food. And so on, and so on. The miracle keeps going, but we only choose to see our side of it. The pay off of our small miracle. We keep on moving and think to ourselves about what more can be brought about in our life to make us happier. What if everything you desire is right there, in front of you? Would you notice it?
Today is about Truth and the Hope that comes along with it, but we must focus on our small miracle first. The rest will come later in time. Creation must first start with intent.

Blessed Be.

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