Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/17/2012: Patience and Patience

10/17/2012 Wednesday:

This is a double whammy card day. You get both Patience and Patience. The cards mean the same thing. That there is a time of healing taking place at this very moment. That all the creative juices within you are working overtime to produce balance and harmony. So live this day with balance and harmony. Know that there are things taking place within you that you can not see nor understand at this very moment. 
This one will be short as well, for I am feeling like there is no need to go into detail. All is as it should be within my life. Calm. 
This is what I tell myself as I complain and yell at Source for this frustration with things within my life. Believe me, even the Mystic get upset. Even the Mystic can have a bad week. Even the Mystic can feel blue. You simply do not see it. We tend to go within and really analyze what is going on. We ride out the storm with our little boat of Faith and keep on sailing. I always see a little raft within this horrible storm and there is this little monk sitting silently among it. He does not shiver nor move. He is simply existing. The storm moves on and he still exists. Be like that monk. Exist within the storm and exist after the storm. No need to be afraid. No need to think you shall die, for it all works out in the end. 

Blessed Be. 

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