Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/30/2012:Patience and Enlightenment

10/30/2012 Tuesday:

We have received the answer we needed in order to move forward. Now it is time to apply this information to our reality. It is time to take that creation of good and greatness, and live within the light of things. Take it and move forward aiding those on your path. 

Temperance speaks to me about a balance and a time of healing. The act of healing doesn't mean that the illness will go away, but it means that you will accept what is to come. 

So what if the world ends tomorrow. Let it all be demolished, for we all die at some time. 

So what if you did not get that job. It simply means you will receive a better one. 

So what if the outcome did not turn out as you expected. It simply means that you take a different route to your happiness. 

If you do not receive what is desired the first time, then maybe it is not what you needed. Maybe the brown fuzzy statue of Jesus is not what was desired, but you will soon find out that it fits within another person's puzzle. It will be the key to solving their puzzle, leaving them time to aid you with yours. 

That is it!
What you have in your environment is not always for you to use. The tool is simply a tool. The keys you have on your key ring of life are not keys that open doors to your past and future, but they are keys placed on your ring to aid others with their locked doors. Our purpose in life is to walk through the doors that are open, unlock those we can unlock, and when possible, take the time to open doors for others. 

The time to open a door. 
It is only for a few seconds. 
You do not have to hold their hand as they walk through the door, nor cheer them on when they take their first step. Also it is not your job to make their foot move past the thresh-hold. Keep on moving baby or you will find yourself trapped in the between of things. Between light and dark, shadow and smoke, spirits and spells. 

Use your keys as much as possible and in every locked door that you come across. At least you can mark that door off your list. At least you can say that you tried. The healing will take effect. As a matter of fact it has already happened. You simply have to acknowledge it. 

Blessed Be. 

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