Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.16.13: Goblins

Saturday 3.16.13:

Goblins can come in many shapes and form, but they are not always bad. The card ("Goblins" #5) states that we sometimes deal with funny little mischief creatures that will make us think we are not able to move forward on our journey. Really, we are only hear on this earth to move forward with our positive actions. Have you ever noticed that when we decide to speak in a negative pattern, we create the stop sign, or red light, that advises us to halt?

When we start to roll that small pebble of discourage and hate, on our path, it starts to slope downhill? The rock begins to collect more and more dirt, creating a boulder, and when the path turns upward, we have two choices; to change our thought pattern, or try to push the damn boulder up the hill. 

Goblins are not bad. They were not created out of pure evil. They are simply the change that is needed in our life. Goblins only wish to exist, like everything else. They need to survive, it is just that they do it in a primitive manner. They are associated with our instincts to survive. What would you do if you had to survive?

They are moved by the basic need to exist. Now let us relate this to the position that the card sits in. It is position number six - the hummingbird. This speaks to us about energy. Goblins can be very powerful and very strong, but who is in control of them? We are in control of the goblins in our life. We have created that change.

I know you will state to me that you did not ask for this change, but are you really taking a look at how you are thinking. Did you not ask for an answer? Did you not state to Source that you are ready?

We require Goblins, or change, to take place in our life, in order to understand who we are. In order to understand that we are strong. The sister card that is associated with this position is #44 Strength. How strong are you?

We can get lost within the shuffle of our life. Work, school, relationships, and family can all pull our energy in so many different directions, that they begin to look like goblins. They can seem to steal time away from us. I know that there are days when I state to Brian, that I need just five minutes to bring me back to center. I become frustrated and it feels like I am doing everything. 

I return to my roots and think about a statement that Nicole Catron and I use to say. It was known as the "Save the World" syndrome. When you are carrying too much in your hands and you need to turn the door knob, you struggle with all your might to hold onto everything, and perform an action, that will take us to the next stage. The items in your arms begin to shake and slip, and in turn you lose something in the process. It shatters into a million pieces. It does not dawn on you that, you could have put a few items down on the ground, and in turn opened the door, picked up the items, and walked forward. The "Saving the World" syndrome is like that goblin. The goblin can play tricks on us, in order to help us realize, that the solution is simple. Humans make things complicated. Let me rephrase that, intelligent humans who lead with an emotion, make things complicated. The puzzle is only a puzzle because we can not see what the final outcome is. We are trying to find out what the end should look like, and in turn we become frustrated with the process, because we know that it has to work out a certain way. What if you simply enjoyed the fact that each piece is an accomplishment, and you can return to the puzzle at any time, creating a solution with each step. 

Find your small goblin and advise it that you are done playing games, and now you wish to move forward from the change it has put into motion. You are ready to create positive action, rather than stew in the negative thought of mischief and mishap. 

Isn't it time to put some items down, open the door, pick them up, and go inside? 

Blessed Be. 

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