Friday, April 12, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.12.13: Decisions

Friday 4.12.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Swords. A fork in the road has presented itself to you. One is of a path of light and the other is of shadow. Those who walk with the intent of learning Earth magic, walk this path after their first year of learning. To be of light or use their gift for their own personal gain.

We are all face with decisions and different paths. What
may look scary, can contain a joyful end. What may have looked like an easy path, contained the most foulest creatures ever thought of. We choose with faith.
Faith that it is going to work out for us in the end. That we will find our way home.
We struggle to be free and separate our spirit from the whole. To be Independent.
Towards the end of our life, we try our hardest to return to that same whole. To return to what was familiar. When we arrive, we find that life has changed, we have changed, and now we must venture forward.
The card sits in the position of Lizard/dreams/strength/weakness.
Death is the hidden energy card. Transformation of the spirit. Transformation of the soul.

What ever decision you make today, remember what you are trying to return to. A home that may or may not be abandoned, or a new home filled with love.
The world can be scary. It can contain pitfalls and traps that you are not aware of, but Source is always giving us tools and signs that will aid us on our journey. My thoughts are just one point of perception. There are other mystics out there with the same or different perception as me. Who will you take information from?

Sometimes our weakness can be our strength. Sometimes our strength can be our weakness. We must learn to harness and hone our ability and power. We must learn to move past the raw power of the Knight and move towards the King or Queen. They have mastered their talent and understand when and how to use it.

Have you mastered yours?

We are constantly learning. Constantly moving in a circular motion creating our own form of gravity. Round and round we rotate until we crash into love. Then we develop a universe. One so great that not even time can eliminate. The path may look grim but I have faith that you will be Brave. All dreams must pass through a trial by fire in order to be molded into the perfect form.

Blessed Be.

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