Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.14.13: Movement

Sunday 4.14.13:

Life can sometimes be viewed as a roller coaster ride that doesn't end until you die. Then again, death is only the beginning.

What if the brain was the only thing that contained our essence?
When we stop thinking or being conscious, do we really cease to exist? Would we really be able to see those who have passed on to the other side?
I would like to think that we will.

Spirits are everywhere. Essence of that which has been can be felt. An imprint on this reality.
Time marches on, and we must move forward with our love. The card of the day is Eight of Wands. Movement on our path. Accelerated movement. Is it for the best? Is it in the right direction? Only you can answer that.
This card sits in the position of Bee/compassion/forgiveness. The hidden energy card is the Devil. If we wish to make the movement positive, then you must first learn to forgive the person who is holding you back. Have you figured out who that person is? Good. Now forget them and look in the mirror. This person looking at you in the mirror is the first person you should forgive.

Today's entry will be short. Life is calling. Now it is time to live.

Blessed Be.

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