Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.17.13: Ego

Wednesday 4.17.13:

The Devil card sits in the position of Owl/Mystery/Secrets.
The hidden energy card is the Moon.

A lot of Mystery lies within the day. Enough spaces for my Ego to hide in, to slip by with no warning, and cause the abundance of life to be squashed. The seed will surely not grow.

The Devil is not a bad card. It teaches us to be humble. It teaches me to be cautious of what my inner voice is saying. What intuition is telling me. When a light bringer is faced with decisions, they usually have to meditate on the situation. I always state to those around me, that I have to meditate, before I can give an answer. I must look inside and answer with clarity. Discuss things with my spirit guide. If it takes a month, then you better believe that it will be a defined answer.

The Ego will surely make itself known. Humans must learn to look past the noise that the Ego makes, every so often, and move forward with great Faith. Be Brave. Remember that the energy of the week is about Abundance of things. I know that the Abundance of negative thought can present itself to us in many forms.

So, what is the advice that must be taken in, for the day?

Be Brave! Stick your tongue out at your Ego. Understand that you must see it within your mind, before it can be created. The frame is simply decoration. The picture can go on forever. 

Last night I went to a class regarding the Goddess Tara. It was very interesting. The nun talked about how Tara is a bringer of swift help or the heroine. When one asks for help, she is known to bring about wisdom and clarity. She helps a person through ignorance. I had to ask about the word ignorance. What did it mean?
Was it about a person being blind to the Truth. The Nun advised me, that it was about the ignorance of a mistake. A person is constantly making mistakes within their life. The Ego helps us with that action. 
It was very interesting to learn about another Goddess or Deity that is related to so many others, such as Mother Mary, Kali, and such. 
The Nun advised us to have Faith. 
Faith is what tells our Ego to go away. It dispels all doubt within our mind and sets us on a course of greatness.

What course do you wish to follow?

To step out on a new venture. I sometimes struggle with my next step, regarding my spiritual journey, and this is where my Ego steps in. It states to me that I can not surely move forward, for I do not have the credentials to do so. I do not have a set foundation on what is to take place within my life. I am tied to my current job. I can not leave, for you will never make it on your own. 

I become stuck in the swamp of self pity. It is time for me to break out. Be Brave. Be strong. I must understand that I am unique in my gift. I can move forward and make profit from my gift. I can use my talent to do something that I love doing. Now it is time to invest in myself. I started to read other blogs and make my presence known. This is what I have to offer to the world. My light. My knowledge. My perception on life's journey. 

So, this is my example, on how to tell your Ego to get out of your way. Advise it that you are ready to be the great and wonderful person you were born to be. Tell it that you no longer require it's advice. Do something scary and out of the ordinary, or rather, trust that Source will lead you to the exact situation, that will propel you into inspiration. 

Blessed Be. 

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