Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.25.13: Meditation

Saturday 5.25.13:

I always seem to make Saturday my short entry day. The day is filled with all sorts of errands and also I had an appointment with a client. It went really well and I enjoyed every minute of it. I seem to get this great high from doing a tarot reading. I am filled with so much energy and at times I have to sit and meditate afterwards with a couple of crystals, in order to be at peace. Even with all of the meditation and relaxation, I still crash and burn. I get really tired and want to go to sleep. It eventually wears off and I am fine or I take a nap and rejuvenate my energy. 

I found that entering the crossroads where the spirits meet and talk, can take a lot out of a persons physical state. 

The card of the day is Four of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Moon. 

Well, I recognize both of the cards today. I was having to reserve or recharge my spirit and body by meditating. Taking care of my psychic gift. Feeding my soul with much needed spiritual fruit. Knowledge from the unknown. 

I want to share my experience. I have found my cross roads with the spirit world. It resembles an old house with a spiritual reading room. Dark wood and shadows around, but one window lights up the whole house. Many doors and stairs line the place, allowing gentle spirits to come and go. To speak to me. My spirit guide sits to my right in a chair. The only chair in the room. 

There can be a lot of great information given to you, when you simply meditate. It can open a lot of doors. You can learn a lot from your teachers. Meditation does not have to be hours of silence with no thoughts. Meditation can be a conversation with your inner being, during traffic. It can happen on the long drive home. It can take place, dare I say it, in the bathroom. While you wash your hair. When you wash dishes. Meditation is the act of being present in a moment. Checking in to your life and shutting off the auto pilot. Simply existing and downloading your next mission. Your next mission of joy and love. 

Blessed Be. 

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