Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.10.13: See Your Good

Saturday 8.10.13: 

The card of the day is Awareness = The Magician. The hidden energy card is The Lovers. The card sits in the position of Obsidian = grounding and shielding. 

Sometimes you ask Source for a sign. You ask for Divine Intervention. I had to remember the energy of the week. That what we need may not show up how we want it to. Sometimes you must complain. Sometimes you can not stay positive and upbeat every moment. 

Maybe you are frustrated. I was this morning. I really needed to throw a tantrum. I let it go. I put my Faith in the flow of energy. It was hard. 

The frustration with the process was taking over. 

Then great things happened. My needs were met. They did not show up as expected. Then again they never do. 

But the good was recognized. 

We contain the tools needed to keep our choices grounded to good. To keep it attached. It is time for you to use them. No matter how frustrated you get, the tools are always there. 

Blessed Be.

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