Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.20.13: Time to Invite Opportunity into Your House

Tuesday 8.20.13:

The card of the day is Nine of Coins. The hidden energy card is the Tower. The card sits in the position of Blue = communication and Inner Truth. 

When good enters into your life and things work out in one swift motion, then things begin to look spectacular. You see only the good in the wonderful people around you. 

To speak of good leads you to more good. 

You may find yourself stuck in the disruption of life. You may only see the destruction that lies ahead. 

The energy can be strong and might make you feel like something bad will take place. 
Sometimes it can be the fear of what will come next. 
Fear of the possibility that good will take place. 

Now that the opportunity has taken place, and is revealed, the outcome can be short lived. We do not stop thinking wonderful thoughts after our desire has been met. We keep on thinking. What is the next big adventure? 

You must keep moving forward. You must keep thinking positive. Always remember what you have at this very moment. The joy. The love. The peace. 
It is within your environment. 

Do not let a little mishap break down your thoughts of greatness. 
There will always be some sort of chaos within your life. The greatest lesson you can learn, is how you handle it, and what you will do during the time of change. 

There may be an overflow of money and material items but they can also be lost or broken at any time. 
Your spirit must be fed with spiritual fruit. 
Knowledge of Truth. 
It is time to speak about that Truth and see what happens. 
There is only good in your life. There is only positive movement. There is only love. 

Opportunity is knocking at your door. I think it is time you put on a party hat and invite opportunity in, so that it can add to the party you are having right now. At this very moment. 

Blessed Be. 

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