Monday, June 2, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/2/2014: Creating a good habit

Today is a great day to start a spiritual diet. You know. The kind of diet where you cultivate only thoughts of good rather than thoughts of a negative nature. You will find great results and with every task you start, you may just find, that it is completed at the perfect time. Also this is a great time to start a new diet. Actually it is a great time to start a new way of eating. Change something small every day with your eating habits. Have you ever thought about what a habit is? It is simply a small ritual that you have created in order to get a result. A habit is not always bad. It can be good as well. The choice is yours.

This may be short and small in nature but not every entry has to be a book. I am going through change again and this also will have an effect on my entries. I am trying to find my groove. In the end, the message will be received and I will do my best to write it down. 

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