Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/7/2014: It is All About Perception

All of this information that is presented to me by Source. Cards, incense, words, thought, color, number, and spirit. 
Sometimes we fall asleep at the wheel. Who is driving?

Sometimes we give up. 
The road can seem dark and gloomy. The road can look bright. It is all about perception. 
What are you looking at?
Sunrise or Sunset?

I remember my first entries in this blog page. I would talk about "my sunrise". 
I would ask Source everyday for my sunrise. Surely, if I was hopeful, then love would enter into my life. 

I was looking at it all wrong. 

The cards are talking about your self worth. With every worry or fear, that breeds a thought of negative nature, we place a marker on the chart of life. It states "I lack". What are you lacking? Well, in my eyes you have everything you need. 
Sometimes one has to jump into their darkest hour. Sometimes one has to sleep in order to be woken up. To wake up with a new thought. A new idea. A new path. 

Blessed Be. 

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