Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sun (R)

A major Arcana Card. Understanding the cards in reverse is throwing me off. As a student of the Tarot, I rely more on my gift of Psychometry with the the clients. Usually that is why I require an item that they have worn for more than two hours. Recently I found out that the cards spoke to me more and more. I was seeing glimpses of the future through them and now the spirits are advising me to learn the cards in reverse. So here I find myself looking at the cards with a negative attitude. Well not really negative, but in a different light.

The Sun reversed tells us that future plans are clouded, trouble in a marriage, failure is met at every turn, loss of a valued object.

So I say, that though it may look like failure with some projects, there is always another one to start up just around the corner. At this time your decisions that you are making have no results. Well do not make a decision then. Think. Learn. Look. Ponder. Walk and discuss your options. This card is telling us to take a breath and slow down. Not everyday is without turmoil. There are some schools of thought that think life cannot live without Chaos. Without Chaos we would not be able to change. We would not grow.

So today I am telling you to hold on. Stay strong and know that without these small mishaps we would not be led to a greater destination.