Friday, July 1, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/1/11

  The King of Coins. Yesterday we saw Inspiration working in harmony with our daily life. Today we see the Manifestation of our desired goal into our reality. The King in any suit tells me that we have mastered that element. Earth is about material things within our life. The King of Coins is the Elder leader. Wise man sitting on his tree stump speaking about his experience within this world. The King of Coins understands that no one can tell you how to walk your path. People can only guide and influence. He can describe to you his journey and maybe in some ways you can relate to it, pick up the words of advice, and move forward. He teaches us to look at what we have in our life first and decide on what is really important. We sometimes create without intent and then become frustrated at the end result because it was not what we wanted in the first place. A great Earth king creates and builds with plans, power, and structure. Be like the King of Coins, and create with great intent.

  Success, Abundance, and Prosperity are a constant in my life.

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