Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/16/11

  The Ace of Cups. The energy will be about Love. What does Love mean to you? Does it mean a new relationship? The love of a child? The love of a parent? Does love mean sunshine? I can tell you this...Love is Happiness and Joy. Love is the pause within the heartbeat. Love is the moment of silence between the inhale and the exhale. Love is the passion you feel when you have a great idea. Love is the drive behind making it happen and take place. Love is everything and everyone. Love is God. You are part of God...there for you are love. Please today instead of looking for Love across the room or within closed doors, look for it within yourself. Find that Love for who you are and what you have become. Fall in love with yourself and tell yourself that you are a beautiful and great person. For you really are. Today give yourself a pat on the back, hug yourself for no reason, blow kisses to yourself in the mirror, feel the joy of loving yourself for a few moments. By doing this you can understand how to love someone else to the fullest.

 I allow the Abundance and Prosperity of Joy and Happiness to enter into my life.