Monday, August 15, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/15/11

  The Two of Cups. Well I woke up late today and had to attend a meeting at work. So, I was unable to post this in the morning. But one good thing came from it. I can reflect on the day and see how this card was applied to each situation that entered into my life. The nature of today's energy was really about building relationships. New, old, wrong, right, first born, star crossed, all of these things advise of relationships and love. The two of cups tells us about the beginning. The joining of new things that belong to your heart. A union or a pact made on each others part to give all they have, share all they can, and care for what little mistakes each person can develop over the years together. What we do not see here is the human connection. The knowledge of past lives and how deeply we have loved the people in our lives. We do not notice the old soul within that has looked, searched, and knew where their love belonged. Today look at your relationships with those around you and this relationship something I have created or created by default?

  I allow the Abundance and Prosperity of Joy and Happiness to enter into my life.